About us

Behind the CXP User Group, you’ll find MVPs and passionate community members from around the globe!

Guro Faller, Norway


Guro is an solution architect with 10+ years of experience with CRM and Dynamics 365. She is known from sporting some colourful clothes when you see her and always willing to have nerdy conversations about D365 and everything around it. She is the CXP UG Founder alongside Vivian and Dilyana with the aim to give you this space to connect and learn!

Vivian Voss, Denmark


Vivian is a functional solution architect with 7+ years of experience with CRM and Dynamics
products. Vivian is organising or volunteering at various Power Platform and Dynamics 365 events. Being part of the Dynamics 365/Power Platform community, and especially the people within it, is what keeps her
passion for the area burning.

Dilyana Radulova, Scotland, United Kingdom

Passionate community member

Dilyana works as a technical specialist for Microsoft, focusing on Dynamics 365 Marketing
and Customer Insights. Dilyana has years of experience working with the Microsoft stack as a functional
consultant and running projects as the functional lead. She also loves taekwondo, so don’t mess with her!

Malin Martnes, Norway


Malin has been working with Microsoft technology for 10 years and is now focusing on Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform. She got a degree in marketing and has had this subject as an interest for many years. Malin is known for her contagious laugh and smile in the community and often seen at events to present!

Mats Necker, Germany


He’s not short, neither should this text be.
Tall, handsome and a holds knowledge of so much amazing stuff. Tell us if you find something he doesn’t know or understand – we haven’t found anything. Mats focus on Power Platform, Azure and how all things can be connected. Mats is the CTO of a company focusing on Dynamics 365 for the publishing industry.